What to Expect From First Driving Lesson


Most youths run into frantic race when behind wheels for their first time. However, for a person who has undergone a driving school in Sydney, it is more similar like performing a simple task since the instructor is always there for guidance. Sometimes even if attending accredited school, becoming nervous is a common feeling. Therefore, being equipped with what to expect from a first driving lesson is very important to flush the anxiety away. It also helps familiarize with new ideas very first and feel confident in facing what comes next.

On the big day, one should get some good sleep, do not engage into consumption of alcohol on the eve night and have breakfast in the morning. The driver in the making should also double check on their pick up points. The outfit should be comfy and the shoes with proper grip. For those with vision problems, they should not forget to pick up their glasses since learning how to drive with the glasses on will make a person get used to driving with them. All parts of the provisional license should be remembered as well.

On the pick-up time, there is no need to worry as one will not directly get to the driver’s seat. The instructor will drive to a quiet place for a person to get conversant with the basics. When the instructor reaches a road that is less busy and with low traffic, they will switch positions with the learner so that the latter can be on the driver’s seat. The instructor will introduce the new driver to the cockpit drill and explain each of the checks that one will have to do first before driving.

The driving instructor will also direct a person on how to use the handbrakes, accelerator, indicator and changing gear. Confidence is a great necessity as one will have to one ask questions severally as they run the controls.

Before ignition of the engine, the instructor will explain a number of things in relation to the road. These include, controlling the clutch and finding the biting point, checking of blind spots and the mirrors, using indicators to signal the direction headed, changing the gear, covering the clutch and the break after stopping the car. The instructor will also guide a person on how to park by the road side or kerb.

Once the vehicle is on the move, the learner should maintain a relaxed mood as the instructor has their set of controls to work on and make sure that everything is in the right track. After the driving lessons are over, the instructor will drive the learner safe home. Chatting with the instructor on points that need clarification or focus during the next lesson is a good thing. This will help them note their student’s progress and how to handle them during the lessons. Prestige Driving School is a well known driving school in Sutherland Shire area. 

The instructor also understands that everyone have their own learning pace. A learner should also try and not rush things and within no time, they will be able to drive confidently.

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