What Should You Choose, Yoga Or Pilates? – Comparison Of The Two

You’ve been feeling very lethargic and unhappy over the past few days. As a fact, you aren’t able to concentrate and engage in your daily routine. You talk about it with your friends and one suggests you to start yoga, while another talk about Pilates fitness training. All of you’ll have a discussion and think that both these are the same. This is a major misconception that people have regarding the two. 

It’s true that yoga has been used from ancient times and that Pilates is not that old. However, it also has been used for a long time since the period of World War 1. There are similarities as well as differences that majority are unaware of. Here are some facts regarding Pilates and Yoga:

Principles of Pilates fitness versus Yoga

The fundamentals of the both the program meet together at one point, but don’t go hand in hand. These basics are the foundations and core strategies that the program is developed and based on.

All the Pilates courses in sydney focus on a number of principles, which are different to the fundamentals of yoga. These principles are focus, strength the muscles, breathing, awareness, control of movements, etc.

On the other hand, yoga focuses on relaxation, diet, meditation, correct breathing, etc. Yoga is inclined towards a more spiritual side compared to the other training.

 What are the differences between the two?

– Yoga instructors train their audience to strengthen the spine and limbs, while Pilate fitness training involves strengthen and flexing the whole body. It’s first aimed at the core muscles and the power of focus and attention to do the movements.

– When you look at every Yoga tutorials or guide, they focus first on breathing and then moves towards to the body. However, Pilates courses train individuals to elongate the core muscles and work up towards the other areas of the body.

– Pilates is all about precision and then training to move your body is perfect alignment with the spine and pelvis. However, yoga is all about focusing your complete attention on breathing. Facilitating mindfulness, which is being aware about what are you doing right now.

– Moreover, Pilates training uses various equipment, which is helpful in losing weight. However, yoga training doesn’t incorporate any machines other than mat exercises.

You would not be losing anything, if you choose to enroll in Yoga sessions over Pilates or vice versa. However, based on the above points, you are able to understand that there is a difference on the basics and techniques that are used. Stay healthy, focus and train yourself to strengthen your muscles and mind.

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